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Sensory Bottle Kits


At Reshaping the Village, supporting our students is our main priority. One thing we have seen a significant need for is sensory. We're happy to announce that our DIY Sensory Bottle Kits are now available for your kiddos!

Our sensory bottle kits are all different, but will come with:
- 4 10 oz bottles

- Various items to go each bottle (all 4 bottles will be different!)

- Glue

- Learning examples on how to use the sensory bottles!

As of right now, each box will be chosen at random and will have a theme to it! We're hoping sometime in the future to have a set monthly theme to our boxes.

You may apply to receive our sensory bottle kits for FREE here!

Or you can sponsor a sensory bottle kit to help us get supplies and kits out faster!

Sponsory a Sensory Kit

Help us get our sensory bottle kits out to teachers and students in need! By sponsoring a sensory bottle kit, you will be supporting us, a teacher, and a student by sending them a free sensory bottle to use in their classroom!

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