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Teacher Support



Professional Development for Teachers & Staff

  • Attend conferences and learning opportunities to further knowledge in the field

  • Provide teachers with high quality and easily accessible trainings

  • Create and provide resources to parents and teachers for the classroom and at home

  • Stay on top of the most developmentally appropriate practices within the field to create the best learning environment for students

Why this Matters

  • In childcare centers, only 50% of their staff are required to have any form of experience or education.  Half of the staff at a center can know nothing about childcare and still care for children!  That needs to change

  • The currently free and required trainings are outdated and low quality and the higher end, useful trainings are expensive and inaccessible to many groups.  Our resources cover the high end information while being more available to all educators

  • Special needs students and children with behavioral issues can present a challenge in the classroom.  We want teachers to feel prepared to care for students with the most accommodations without feeling overwhelmed

  • This field is ever evolving and it is important we stay up to date on the most appropriate practices for the sake of our children and families

What we're working on next

We will always have some great resources in the works for teachers.  We are currently tackling the project of creating interactive, workbook style trainings on the various aspects of teaching.  Our workbooks will cover different levels of behavior management, our curriculum and its' proper usage, business guides for owners, and more.  We have also begun the process of becoming PQAS certified in Pennsylvania.  This means that our team will be able to teach our trainings to educators and they can be used as required professional development hours.  We provide regular updates on that process through our emails so don't forget to subscribe!

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