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State Support



State Support

  • Presenting to members of state legislature so they can understand why funding for education is so crucial

  • Obtain grants and other forms of support from state and federal legislators

  • Pushing the issue in congress to get those involved with government to understand and care more about special education issues

  • Emphasizing the childcare crisis and highlight the decay of the education field to ensure that legislators understand the urgency of their support 

  • Form partnerships with organizations and people who are working towards similar missions to accomplish goals on a larger scale

Why this Matters

  • Education as a whole is notoriously underfunded.  Teachers and staff leave everyday because they are unsupported and not getting fair compensation for the effort they put into their students each day

  • Quality childcare is everyone's issues, not just a parent and educator issue.  Without this industry, life as we know it collapses.  Without one week of childcare, industries would shut down nationwide

  • Our goal is to bring this issue into the eyes of local and national government.  Education needs to be funded and valued as the core of our society

  • Government funded childcare can help every aspect of a family and our economy prosper by guaranteeing a safe place for the children and a worker for different industries

Our Partners

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Jenna Bosi of 412 Foster Project

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Maria Fattore of Carrying Onward

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Abby Hileman of C&M Play Studio

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