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Our Services

At Reshaping the Village, we offer a tremendous variety of activities, events and services for those in our community.  Our community room and event space offers a comfy area for groups to gather for all different reasons, while feeling right at home.  Some things we would love to see you at include:

  1. Parent support group sessions

  2. Book club

  3. Educator and parent training sessions

  4. Therapist use for small group learning

  5. Kindergarten readiness meetings

  6. Before and after school children's club

  7. Monthly special event days

  8. Events in collaboration with other non-profit foundations and businesses

Check out our events tab for more information regarding use of our community room and event space.  If you are interested in booking this area for your own event, please do not hesitate to contact Jenna, our Programs Director, at Our village is open to you and we can't wait to share what's inside!


Our Services

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Community Space & Event Room

This room is meant for all our C&M Play Studio students, parents, teachers and anyone in the surrounding community who may need additional space for events! This space will double as a lounge area and there will be double doors, couches, a coffee cart, tables, projector screen, etc. This will be used for things like…

✨ Our before and after school program and summer camp
✨ Kindergarten readiness events
✨ Book clubs

✨ Monthly parent support meetings
✨ Teacher trainings will be held here
✨ C&M Calendar event days

✨ Business Meetings

✨ Tutoring sessions

✨ And all your events! 

** The photo to the left is our inspiration picture! 

Sensory Room

The purpose of a sensory room can vary from place to place. They can be used to calm, stimulate, educate, provide physical activity, and more.  Ours will create on a calming and soothing environment, emphasizing social & emotional development! This will be a process of back and forth with the company to find exactly what is best to accomplish that, but we are so excited to get the ball rolling and provide you with something very special.

We plan to offer open play times in which parents of children with exceptionalities can drop their kiddos off to play with our team members!  We know how hard it can be to care for a child with special needs 24/7 and want to offer caregivers an opportunity to refresh, knowing their child is safe and in an appropriate environment for their needs.  We can't wait to get to know your child and support the superhero parents and guardians in our community.  Kiddos can come play with us from 10am to 3pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

** The photo to the right is our inspiration picture! 

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