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Our Purpose


Objective 1: 

Professional Development for Teachers & Staff

  • Attend conferences and learning opportunities to further knowledge in the field

  • Provide teachers with high quality and easily accessible trainings

  • Create and provide resources to parents and teachers for the classroom and at home

  • Stay on top of the most developmentally appropriate practices within the field to create the best learning environment for students

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Objective 2: 

Inclusive Classroom Environments for Students

  • Keep children in their least restrictive environment by providing teachers the tools they need to best handle challenging behaviors and needs

  • Implement positive behavior intervention support throughout all classrooms to promote the well being of students

  • Partner with different early intervention and wrap around service providers to get the best therapists in our classes to support students and teachers

  • Exhaust every resource available to us to help children who may be struggling in a school environment

Objective 3: 

State Support

  • Presenting to members of state legislature so they can understand why funding for education is so crucial

  • Obtain grants and other forms of support from state and federal legislators

  • Pushing the issue in congress to get those involved with government to understand and care more about special education issues

  • Emphasizing the childcare crisis and highlight the decay of the education field to ensure that legislators understand the urgency of their support 


Objective 4: 

Community Outreach

  • Kindergarten readiness outreach program

  • Creating family and community connections within our community room

  • Working together with local schools to ensure we are preparing children correctly

  • Provide parents resources to use at home

  • Parent support sessions

  • Meet with organizations throughout the community to work together for the benefit of every child

  • Hosting events and fundraisers to raise community support for our organization

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