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Community Support



Community Outreach

  • Kindergarten readiness outreach program

  • Creating family and community connections within our community room

  • Working together with local schools to ensure we are preparing children correctly

  • Provide parents resources to use at home

  • Parent support sessions

  • Meet with organizations throughout the community to work together for the benefit of every child

  • Hosting events and fundraisers to raise community support for our organization

Why this Matters

  • Community has been an important value for us from day one.  We aim to create a space in which families and children can come to be themselves and feel a little less alone

  • Being a parent is hard! Raising children is no easy task and certainly doesn't come with a manual.  We want to support parents by providing them resources to help manage the day to day task that is raising their children

  • So many parents feel shame about their difficulties raising children and we want to build a space in which we can come together to find solutions and also assure them that it is so normal to not have all the answers

  • Community outreach is important in accomplishing our goal of inclusion.  Branching into the community to reach into all groups of people and ensure they feel welcome is important to us

  • Building the bridge between early education and public school is crucial in ensuring that students are well prepared to take on anything that may come their way throughout their academic careers

Our Partners

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Jenna Bosi of 412 Foster Project

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Maria Fattore of Carrying Onward

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Abby Hileman of C&M Play Studio

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