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We've donated 


of classroom and teacher resources to those who applied!

"Where can I leave a review for how amazing these are?? I am genuinely obsessed with them and I cannot say enough good words about everything!"


Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

During the early childhood years, it is crucial to have proper training and guidance for teachers on developmentally appropriate practices.  As educators, we know that adverse childhood experiences, special needs and disabilities, or a combination of both can create chaos in a young child’s world. Our goal in the classroom is to support teachers and students across the nation with various useful resources including programs for teens and parents. We feel strongly that it truly takes everyone working together through all stages of development to build your village.

Let us help you reshape your village.

Ordinary Meets Extraordinary

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Ordinary Meets Extraordinary is a lifestyle community that discusses the day-to-day aspects of being a female entrepreneur. Join us in discussing struggles, successes, leadership, parenting and everything that goes into this way of life.

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"Finally, a place you never have to say, 'I'm sorry." 

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